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Terms of Membership of PNS Top 100
The following are the most common reasons why sites are promptly removed immediately without notification:
  • If your site has some porn content, content with child's models (include non-nudes) or whichever kind of force or bestiality!!!
  • If your site is pure toplist or pure affiliate site without your original content!!!
  • If your site employs blind or misleading links or if we'll find that you cheat incomes.
  • If your site uses the word 'amateur' as a pitch.
  • If a pop-up window is used with our gateway in it.
  • If we cannot find our link on your site very easily.
  • If you have Tour pages with no free content.
  • If your site is unrelated in theme or topic to that of this list.
  • If your site has little or no artistic merit.
  • or for any of the reasons outlined below......

Your site must be an EROTIC photography or visual art site or related. Your site should be from one of the following categories: Artists, Artistic Photographers, Models, Collectives, Exhibitors, Galleries, Reference, Resource sites, or Art Appreciators/Collectors/Enthusiasts. The ranking order on PNS toplist is based upon the hits back from your site.

Here are the terms for membership which are specifically designed for the protection of Artist's rights and their security and to keep this site downloading efficiently:

  1. This list is for professional/lifelong artists, photographers, galleries, models etc. By definition that means we do not accept amateur photography, models, hobbyists or other. No XXX sites and please note this is not a WebCam list either.
  2. No webpage will be considered that has no free visible erotic photography or art samples. Tour pages with promo content (no real accessible imagery), or blacked out/censored genitalia will not be considered to participate on this list.
  3. If your webpage is commercial and has Membership or AVS protection or has otherwise restrictive entry requirements implemented then there must be a free public display of Erotic Photography and/or Artwork samples visible, at least 4 large, focused and clear pics that give a good indication of artist's work and site's interior content.
  4. Regarding erotic photography sites: We will not accept membership from sites who we determine as amateur photography, no matter how tasteful the images are. This is not a Top 100 site for amateur photography, but reserved for artistic photography and visual art (as defined above).
  5. We do not accept membership from 'webCAM' sites i.e. sites whose major or sole content are 'WebCams'. There are many Top 100 lists elsewhere on the net for 'WebCam' sites.
  6. Sites that include modified art, meaning, digitally or otherwise changing or manipulating another artist's or photographer's work, copying art from other artists/photographers or creating forgeries will not be considered for membership, and any site that is found in violation will be subject to immediate removal.
  7. PNS does not believe in censorship of creative visual expression. However, certain subjects including the exploitation of minors and animals and excessive violence, brutality and/or blood are taboo in this list. No kids, No bestiality, No Snuf, No rape. No links to any such sites can be listed upon your site including your links pages. No underage photography/art sections or links may appear on your site.
  8. Any site involved in the distribution of artworks without proper permission and creditation of the photographer or artist, in any way or form, will be not be considered for membership and/or be subject to removal.
  9. PNS reserves the right to deny membership and/or remove any existing site that is found, in our opinions, to be in violation of the above stated rules and/or any other related international copyright laws as well as sites, who in our opinion, does not compliment our collective membership or appeal to our valued surfer's demographic. Sites with minimal or hidden samples, offensive, political or tasteless content, weak site design, over use of java script or pop-up/exit consoles, the over abundent display of advertising/porno banners will be denied membership to PNS.
  10. We do NOT allow other Top 100 Sites or Webrings onto this list. No TGPs. However true related links resource sites/traffic generators are welcome to participate on this list so long as they meet the following criteria:
    • Your link back to this list must appear on your entry or main page easily visible.
    • Must offer a wide selection of links as not seen on this list, therefore offering a true resource to our surfers.
    • Must use they following text as part of site description-"A links resource"
    • This list will not accept sites claiming to be links resources, when in fact they are nothing more than profit making affiliate link listing sites.
  11. No cheating. This means no 'Blind Links'. No misleading links. No adding links to non-related images, thumbnails or graphics. No non 24 hour links, no scripts/auto dialers, no pop-up/exits with our gateway in it etc. Violators will be removed immediately without notification.
  12. Depending on the nature of the photography involved, there may be a fine line between 'eroticism' and (hard core) 'pornography'. This Top 100 will not accept membership of sites with hardcore pornography, and the final decision of 'what is' and 'what is not' will be the sole decision of this Top 100s management.
  13. Do NOT use all CAPITAL letters in your site name. Do not use icons or capital letters (uppercase type) in your description (otherwise it appears as though you're yelling), except if you'd like to emphasize a single word or two. Sites who violate this will have their titles and/or description edited.
  14. Disclaimer: Pretty Nudes Sites Top 100 is not responsible or liable for content found on websites linked to this list.

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